April 12th – Deep Bar Love Boat Party

April 12th – Deep Bar Love Boat Party


April 13th, 2013


What an amazing party!! The boat was ramma-jammed on this event, with DJ’s pumping out wicked house tunes and enough alcohol sold to inebriate a small country!

The party started at Deep Bar at 2.30pm, where the free punch was devoured at a rate of 10 gallons a minute.  From there, the half-cut revelers were transported in the Deep Bar mini-buses to Chalong Pier where the party really went into overdrive mode.  Delicious food, amazing tunes, perfect clear water and a crowd that knows how to party made this a bangin’ Songkran celebration.

At 7pm, the party got hot and sticky as the crowd were treated to a sexy show, 2 beautiful girls showed us why this is the ‘LOVE boat party’

We returned to Chalong Pier at 10pm, where the party continued at Deep Bar!

Photos will be uploaded to our gallery soon!!

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